Attention Deficit

So, I think there is something to be said about the natural behaviors of children in their early years.  Some folks pride themselves with their multitasking skills, and I wonder sometimes how they’re able to navigate everything without losing track of something.  I do wonder at times if humanity is meant to process all that they do.  But, when you think of a child and how much they absorb in their early years, I tend to wonder if it’s just a bad thing to allow them to absorb too much at once.  I wonder at times if ADD and ADHD do find their roots during times when a child at the start of his life is doing things like watching TV and using a tablet at the same time.  My little padawan asked to watch his favorite TV show this morning.  So, I turned it on for him.  I decided to take his tablet to play with one of his apps, since you would think he’d be occupied with his TV show.  But, his sense of possession required that he get up and pull the tablet from my hands.  I continued to explain to him that he was already watching his show.  So he took the tablet anyway and started playing.  So, it was only natural to turn off the TV so he can focus on one thing, right?  Nope.  Immediately after turning off the TV he exclaims “No! I wanna watch that!”  I’m not playing this game.  So it was down to setting him straight and telling him that he can only do one at a time, that it was a waste of resources, etc, etc.  There’s no talking to a 2.5 year old child, though.  He’s got his own wiles, but I wonder what I can do now to influence his attention span.  To be continued…


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