Elevator Go Down The Hole

Let’s start 2014 right… with an embarassing moment.

Today, a gentleman at work decided to attempt to open the closing doors of an elevator with his fist between them.  It may have gone to his favor had the door sensors worked.  But, to no avail, the doors shut on his face.  Would’ve been categorized as an event to forget in his mind, had there not been a person inside the elevator attempting to press the Open button for him.  Yes, dear readers, I was the person inside.  I made every attempt to leap forward and press the Open button, but managed to clip the Close button instead.  It figures.  And to the gentleman’s anguish of having an elevator door slammed in front of his nose, he managed to expel the words “Ugh… Thanks.”  But, I remained determined to get those doors opened, and lo and behold I managed to press the Open button numerous times to get the doors opened.  But the gentleman already worked his way towards another elevator.  It’s too bad, I made an effort for the guy, but he was rejected, and I felt terrible.  Oh well.  I’ll never see him again.  Later, dude…. That is until I got off my floor, and guess who came out of his elevator.  Feels like something straight from a Seinfeld episode.  It figures that he’s on the same floor as I am, and now I will attempt to avoid his every move to avoid being his archenemy.  Ha!  I’ve already seen him twice today.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t find myself on the same project as him.  Let’s hope he didn’t catch my face as the doors closed.  One can only hope.   To be continued…


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