Gifted Timepieces

The girl at the train station coffee counter this morning said she liked my watch.  She proceeded to tell me how she buys watches for gifts. “That’s just my thing” she said.  I paid for and took my coffee to catch the train but I thought to myself “Huh,  a fellow time chaser.”  I like the idea though.  Buy a watch for a gift to mark time, something markedly precious and yet fashionable, hmm!  A co-worker of mine explained to me that in the context of a gift, they should be referred to as timepieces, not watches.  That they have some significant value over just being an ordinary watch.  I do agree, there are plenty of excellent timepieces out there, but an affordable black rubber digital watch may still hold some “timely” significance.  I myself do enjoy a gifted timepiece.  My wife has gotten me a couple of them, one was lost and the other eventually lost battery, but I wore them everyday and felt naked without them.  Eventually I always find a good watch to wear for a while, but I never considered having multiple watches to suit my changing whims.  They serve the purpose, give me the time, get me to my train on time, keep my appointments, etc.  Most folks these days are accustomed to that clock on their smartphone, but I enjoy being able to mark the time via wrist, preferably with an analog face.  It’s a strange obsession, and would get expensive fast if I decided to just collect watches and timepieces. But, I may have to steal the idea of gifting timepieces to represent a gift from me.  What else would you expect from a time chaser? Tick tock tick tock.


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