Affinity For Cars

So, it looks like my two year old padawan has gone down the path of everything cars and trucks when it comes to his toys.  I suppose it isn’t helping that I like picking up for him those 1/38 scale Kinsmart diecast cars that they sell at grocery stores.  He has this amazing ability to associate car emblems with their respective car owners, so although a black Subaru sedan toy car is not necessarily representing my wife’s black Subaru SUV, little Tywalker will still refer to it as “Mama’s Car” because it has a Subaru emblem on it.  Smart kid!  Have you ever watched a child place his eyes down to the ant view and observe his little toy car moving into a parking space?  I should take a photo of that and post it. But, that’s all from observation of the real thing, and it’s amazing to see a child’s fascination in this kind of stuff.  Of course, on the flipside, I wonder if this fascination will ultimately lead to him being a gear head or a race boy (hopefully not a rice boy) in the future.  I like to fast forward in my head about an older Tywalker asking to borrow the car and joy riding to meet up with his pals.  Do I support this affinity now, or pay for it later? 🙂  We could always divert his attention from the cars and go with counting numbers or playing catch (still not successful there…to be continued on that one).  Even handing him a smartphone device, he’ll find the car related apps anyway!  But, hey.  While he’s learning things like saying “No” every hour, at least he can find joy in the little four wheeler deals.  Just thought I’d share.


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