Cursed Cursive

Does anyone in this information age still write letters on paper?  My wife is one of the only people I know left in this known universe who still has a pen pal out there in the world, and I totally admire that.  This makes me want to write someone out there.  But, i actually don’t like my writing.  The chicken scratch that it is seems to be more of a train wreck than valuable informative communication.  Plus, I print when I write.  My cursive writing is just plain awful.  I did a test once to see if my wife could read a note from me better with print versus the same note in cursive.  Cursive is a lost art, and from what I understand, it is rarely taught in schools anymore.  That is quite unfortunate, but I suppose the ability to type is more important in this day and age.  My wife’s brother-in-law used to win awards for her perfect handwriting, and I hope that passes along through his generation.  Writing will get lost in my family just as much as my parents’ native language, but maybe I can subvert that by writing more on paper.  Now if I can only figure out a way to do that on this blog.  Hmm!


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