Surviving The First Three Months

For those of you parents out there who recognize that chasing time is such a real thing when it comes to having a newborn, you can understand my lack of updates here.  Outside of that though, I’m here to talk about my Tywalker‘s latest feats of skill and padawan learning!

Three months has passed and our little boy has grown six pounds since being born.  I get the usual comments like “What are you feeding him?” or “Wow, he’s grown!”.  I like to compare him to a twelve pound sack of rice.  Try carrying one of those over your shoulder for long periods of time!  Guess I really need to get some regular updates for workouts on this blog then, huh!

The most rewarding moments are just recently.  The experts say that babies recognize their parents from the beginning, but they only really process and sort out who is who from all of the people carrying them and speaking goo goo ga ga in front of their faces.  But this is the time that little Tyler can recognize that his parents are the ones that he craves the most time from.  It’s true!  Spot a newborn as their parent walks into the room, and you can almost sense they can smell Mommy and Daddy as they walk in.  He can certainly discern my voice or my wife’s voice.  Somewhere between two to three months, he was tracking our movements as well and I’m tellin’ ya this little boy can turn folks into butter with his eyes and winning smile.  My wife is all goo when it happens.  I got a good video on Facebook of him holding up his head too.  He’s getting stronger in that department.  He can kick against the crib rails pretty well too.  We think he’s inherited his mommy’s kung-fu genes.  One thing physically has shown clear this past month.  Tyler is looking quite like a chip off the old block.  To say he’s a “mini-me” is saying it mildly.  We’ve been able to find old photos from my baby photo albums and find that we could’ve seriously passed for twins.  Awesome!  He’s also achieved a winning milestone in my book.

Anyway, it’s good to be in the swing of it.  I’m sure this parenting rollercoaster is just starting.  I’m amazed that this little boy can sleep through about 5 to 6 hours straight at night.  It was crazy having those late night marathons waking up for feedings, diaper changes, and such.  No other parents really tell new parents that you have to prepare for this newborn “marathon”  and boy it feels like a triathalon at times!

But, I’ll tell ya.  I’m in for the ride and so far it’s been quite rewarding just to see him grow bigger and stronger, and hopefully smarter… and I think he’s trying to outsmart his own parents already. Good luck, my lil’ buddy boy.


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