Project Padawan: Tile Maker

The padawan has a name. Tyler. Traditional meaning of Tyler is one who tiles or makes tiles. For me that could mean several things. By trade he may very well do flooring. But if you see how tiles are placed, there is a certain method or pattern and it takes a watchful eye to tile. Tiles could represent the very pixels on a graphic, the textiles on a fabric, and both hold true of his two parents and their trades. One can also reference some of our favorite Tylers. Tyler Florence (my wife’s Food Network crush). Tyler Perry (the maker of some of my wife’s favorite movies). Tyler Durden (the crazed but tough character from Fight Club). There are some greats named Ty as well. But our very own Tyler is a 7 week old joy and he’s destined for great things. (I got future Tywalker and Ty-Fighter posts in mind for Project Padawan). I’ll tell you what though. His name suited my boy from day one and I can’t see any other for him, so for the only name that my wife and I agreed on for a boy, we named him as such. More about our boy and the latest in these chronicles soon.


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