Project Padawan: Episode I

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (six years ago on this day in fact!)…  an uber-geeky Jedi time chaser met a beautiful pastry-loving princess in the galaxy’s foremost factory of cheesecake.  With little more than three years of  aggressive negotiations they joined together as Mr. & Mrs., building an empire of marriage to span a Chicago west suburbia.  Now, the two of them get ready to introduce new padawan, Bun-In D’Oven, to a brand new universe…

The 12 week check is good, announcements are out, and there’s a lot of excitement around the family and amongst friends. It’s a great time to consider the life changing new project that I’m on. The Baby Project! And, as some of my co-workers mentioned, I’ll have to set some solid milestone dates to insure a successful delivery! Well, since I haven’t written through the first trimester, those who have children already know the challenges from that first few weeks of pregnancy, but my wife pulled through like a champ and we are excited! Some simple words just can’t describe the feelings a future-daddy has in seeing the image of his tiny child for the first time and seeing his/her thumping heart light. That was the moment some weeks ago when it was all definitely real. Priorities have changed. The game of life has shifted for the best ride ever! My wife and I are witnessing the miracle of creation and building on our family! What an absolute blessing that is! And yesterday our little jumping java bean is making good progress, so we were happy to finally share the news with the family and all you folks! We’ll be talking to you soon. Right now, we’re enjoying the first part of this roller coaster ride! See you next episode…


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