Kings and Pawns

“Quando il gioco è finito, il re e il pedone vanno nella stessa scatola” – Italian Proverb

Translation: “When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box.”

You know what it’s all said and done, life as we know it really comes down to how we live it.  We may very well all start from ashes and end in ashes. As the quote says above, kings and pawns play the game and although the pawns purpose is to fight for the king, they hold the same significance in the end… pieces in the same box.

I’m finding that my role in the scope of things is not as more important or less important than others trying to get by.  Sometimes we have to stop and think about where we fit in the grand plan.  For my part I’ve discovered that I am not bulletproof… that I am susceptible to the same harms that can be done to anyone… king or pawn.  But, before I find myself back into the box, I better play a good game in this game of life.

My apologies for being cryptic.  Just thoughts on a page…


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