Reb00t The Time Chaser

Reboot… scan disk… defrag… whatever geeky terms involve getting the workstation restarted, and in this particular case it is time to restart a new blog for a new decade.

Yes, friends, it is I,  Mike,  Chronochaser.  The date is December 31, 2009.  Final day of the 00’s and in an attempt to get a good restart on my life as I see it now, I have brought back this blog from death.  As I start up new endeavors this year, I hope to keep a good log here to track my progress.  You’ll see,  I’ve only just started…  For now.  The system back up and running.  Hopefully I won’t need a reformat (or as some of my geeky colleagues would indicate… require a restore from backup tape, or install a brand new operating system).

So long 2000’s.  Bring on the 10’s.


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